integrum Document Management streamlines how you manage documents. Replace your loose papers and printing with version control, workflow’s, competency assessments, reminder notifications, and BI Reports governance in a centralised location. And it is all securely backed up on the cloud automatically.


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Document Search

Our system makes life easier with a keyword search to find the document you’re after as quickly as possible

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Version Control with Workflows

Easy centrally manage your document versions, and workflow to relevant parties for review and sign off electronically.


Competency Assessments

Important functionality to demonstrate consultation and engagement with users. Prior to publishing a new document, notification or competency assessment can be sent on each document. All stored within the document review workflow.


Email Notifications

Email notifications to users to alert them of a document review, approval, or even escalation of a document not reviewed in time


BI Reports

BI Reports can be configured for document registers, oversight and governance on the status of document management within your business.

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Willing to embrace the integrum solution

IMS objective is to build our global implementation base, that other opportunities with our growing and existing clients will present themselves to consultants trained and willing to embrace the integrum solution.

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IMS will assist you directly

It is still expected IMS will assist you directly with the end client to close sale, especially in early sales until you have gained proficiency with our sales materials and a good understanding of the software.

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