Ideally, your system for OHS and risk management would deliver a 100% success rate. You’d identify every risk in your business and eradicate it wholesale. You’d have a completely healthy, happy workforce. You’d have a record that included zero on-the-job injuries. You wouldn’t need an incident management system because you wouldn’t have any incidents.

This utopian scenario is something that is worth chasing with your company’s occupational health and safety policies. There is no reason that you can’t strive for zero injuries and zero incidents. Many businesses tout their ‘X days since last workplace injury’ stats. When those statistics are good, they display a business that cares about its employees and has gone to great lengths to provide a safe workplace.

Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst: Why You Need Incident Management Software

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Mistakes happen. On-the-job injuries happen. Even a company with a thousand-day record of no workplace injuries will probably break that streak eventually—not because their OHS policies aren’t good enough, but because of the simple law of averages. To quote the adage known as Murphy’s Law, ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.’

Simply put, your business will eventually have an incident. It could be because of an unexpected equipment malfunction, or because a new hire wasn’t appropriately trained in a particular procedure. Every business has its share of workplace hazards and risks, and sometimes, these risks get the better of you. The sign of a great OHS program, then, is not necessarily the complete eradication of incidents. Instead, it’s how your company responds when there is an incident.

Respond to Incidents the Right Way, with integrum’s Online Incident Management System

With integrum, you can respond to incidents smartly and effectively. Our software is a powerful risk and compliance management solution, with many functions spanning from internal auditing to workers comp insurance. One key functionality of integrum is an incident and action system. Robust and 100% configurable, this system makes it easy for businesses to set up actions, investigations, and workflows specific to their operations. Any risk, any incident, and any event management process can be handled using this system.

When an incident does occur at your business, it calls into question your risk management, your compliance and your overall commitment to occupational health and safety. No matter how good your company’s record is, a single incident can lead to serious injury or death. As such, it is vital to have a system in place that allows you to respond to incidents quickly. You want to be able to figure out what went wrong and why. Then, you want to take the necessary steps to make sure nothing along the same lines ever happens again. Incident management software can help you formulate a swift and effective response.

So, strive for a perfect OHS record, but be ready to respond to an accident or emergency if one strikes. To learn more about integrum and our online incident management system, contact us today.