integrum announces new company-wide training video ecosystem powered by Binumi

April 2, 2019

integrum is phasing out traditional training methods for a new training video ecosystem built to deliver information when and where our clients need it, in whichever language it is required and always updated with the latest information.

‘The system is built for best training practices’, says integrum CEO Beven Schwaiger, ‘providing short form video on precise subjects, discoverable on demand, meaning instant information can be at our clients’ fingertips. Binumi has also given integrum the potential to structure the way in which both our clients and our own business teams can adapt and personalise videos in a way unlike anything we’ve seen before. We already have great interest from many of our clients in adopting the platform for their own use: we believe it really will be transformative for the whole training and compliance industry.’

The structure of the video ecosystem includes benefits such as:

  • Publish video updates instantly across all channels
  • Adjust and change videos on-premise
  • Admin and Security permissions
  • Messaging and Comms
  • Analytics

‘Our experience working with large educational clients allows us to support Integrum in providing best training experiences, and our platform structure is built to allow incredible things in the communications space’, says Binumi CEO and Founder Anthony Copping. ‘‘We’re looking forward to working with Beven and the team at Integrum to provide one of our full-vertical video ecosystems for them and their clients’.


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