The integrum system offers off the shelf Hazard Observation templates built in consultation with our clients and following ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards requirements. Our existing SMARTForm templates can be modified to the Client’s specific needs. The integrum system also provides the flexibility to configure a Hazard Observation SMARTForm process to the Client’s particular requirements.


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Sub Form Functionality

integrum automatically links the Hazard Assessment (Parent form) to the supporting processes (Child form(s)), Treatment Action Plan, Controls and Actions. Each of the Subforms can be created one or many times and have an independent workflow.

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Data Collection and Reporting

Our Business Intelligence Report can be configured displaying information based on the Organisation Structure either as user-defined or predefined filters at any level within the Organisational Structure in registers, tables, KPI’s, charts, and graphs.


Email Notifications

The integrum Management System offers configurable email notifications. The system can pull information from fields within the SMARTForm and populate that into the email notification, with supporting text and a link to take the user to the SMARTForm.



Out integrum SMARTForms contain configurable workflow options for who a Hazard Observation SMARTForm can be workeflowed too based on the Client’s requirements. integrum offer single stage or two stage approval process.


BI Reports

All information recorded in the Hazard Observation and supporting Subform(s) can be used in BI Reporting to provide overview, trending, analysis and predictive analytics of what is occurring within the Client’s in real-time

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Willing to embrace the integrum solution

IMS objective is to build our global implementation base, that other opportunities with our growing and existing clients will present themselves to consultants trained and willing to embrace the integrum solution.

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IMS will assist you directly

It is still expected IMS will assist you directly with the end client to close sale, especially in early sales until you have gained proficiency with our sales materials and a good understanding of the software.

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