Configuration is the key to success

September 6, 2018

integrum’s powerful configurable software allows users, once trained, to configure forms, workflows, portals, reports and dashboards without requiring integrum’s assistance.

Also allows configured forms to be available on the integrumNOW offline app, all without software coding or assistance from the integrum team.

Further, our users gain access to our best of breed library of form templates as used by some of the leading global organisations for QHSE, Governance, Risk & Compliance.

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Since 1996, Integrum has been providing world class integrated management systems solutions for over 500,000 users, in over 120 countries, across all industry sectors . Our system contains all the functions of a fully integrated management platform in one application. Traditionally used for QHSE, Risk and Compliance, Integrum software is now the comprehensive business optimisation solution providing organisations of all sizes with streamlined business processes, accelerated growth and increased profitability.

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