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White Label Platform

Master Electricians Australia

Overview of the organisation

Master Electricians Australia connects the public with electrical contractors who are committed to best practice and industry improvement.

The MEA nationwide network of electricians can be found throughout Australia in metro and regional areas including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

With over 2,400 members, MEA wanted to offer a fully integrated online Safety (and Quality & Environment) management system with relevant content conforming to ISO standards.

About the project 

MEA searched the global market for suitable platform software for an integrated management system that was fully configurable, offered as a white label platform for MEA branding, capable of handling thousands of subscriber companies in the one system with full security, and was offered with mobile apps for field workers.

Following extensive search of the market MEA selected integrum.

After initial workshops with stakeholders and a requirements gathering process, integrum and the MEA project team agreed on requirements. The integrum team then configured incident, inspection, risk management, document registers, audit templates, meeting management, training management, eLearning courses, group portals, workflows, BI dashboards, reports and other necessary elements.

The configured system was then made available to the MEA team for user acceptance testing and feedback, changes, and re-work until the new ‘MEA’ system was ready to go to market.

Products Used 

  • integrum Management System Business Intelligence Reporting 
  • integrumNOW 


Key Features used

  • Incident Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Risk Management
  • Document Management
  • Audit Management
  • Meetings Management
  • Training and eLearning


Key Wins 

  • We chose Integrum as we wanted a good simple and locally configurable tool. Features include:
  •  Flexibility and configurability of SMARTForms and BI Reports
  • Ability to configure a SF or BI report and deploy quickly
  • Ability to x-reference and use “sub-forms” to link processes together, including global corrective actions
  • Ability to build multiple portals to simply provide groups of people with the data and processes they need
  • Improved governance and oversight with reporting capabilities
  • Efficiencies and improvements by central repository of processes
  • Frequent update releases with additional enhancements

Positive experience when dealing with account managers/support team