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Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding

Overview of the organisation 

Fincantieri S.p.A. is an Italian shipbuilding company based in Trieste, Italy. Already the largest shipbuilder in Europe, after the acquisition of Vard in 2013, Fincantieri group doubled in size to become the fourth largest in the world. The company builds both commercial and military vessels.

About the project 

The Fincantieri division which Integrum services is in the USA.

The project began with integrum’s US-based team, where the first design documents were put together. Integrum’s Sydney-based implementation team then took over the project to begin configuration.

IMS and Fincantieri began this project together in March 2019, where Fincantieri had highlighted that they require a system that can capture NCR and Actions while conducting inspections & audits of Ships and the construction process.

These inspections also evolved into a unique set of BI reports for Fincantieri which would provide a visual display of a ship and highlight an NCR on a particular area.

There was new ground for integrum to cover in this project, which increased the need for valuable collaboration between the two parties to ensure that the client’s needs and problems were addressed.

The system went live in 2019 and due to Integrum’s ease of configurability, Fincantieri was able to take advantage of this and offset further implementation costs by Designing and creating their own Homepages and SMART Form modules.


Products Used  

  • Integrum Management System Business Intelligence Reporting 
  • IntegrumNOW 


Key features used  

    • NCR and CAR Management
    • Confined Space Entry Acquisition Process
  •  Inspection Management
  • Audits

Key Wins

  • Increased the efficiency of multiple yard wide processes including Inspections, Non-Conformances, Training, Incident Reporting, Drawing Reviews, Service Requests, etc.
  • Increased our ability to develop meaningful metrics based on the data compiled in the system, including our ability to increase our inspection pass rate by over ten percent.
  • Decreased our reporting turn-around time by half without the need for excessive paper shuffling and physical hand-offs.
  • Significantly increased our Customer and Regulatory satisfaction with report turn-around time and report online access.
  • Significantly decreased our carbon footprint by using less paper when documenting our processes, sharing, and retaining records.
  • Created a centralized view for capturing and tracking the status of service requests to include confined space requests, staging requests, electrical requests, and pipe manifold requests.