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Energy Australia

Overview of the organisation 

Energy Australia was established in 1995 and is currently one of Australia’s biggest energy companies, with 1.7 million customers and 2,500 employees.

Energy Australia is best known for supplying electricity and gas to its customers throughout Australia.

Energy Australia is an electricity generation, electricity and gas retailing private company in Australia that is owned by Hong Kong-based and listed CLP Group. EnergyAustralia also had a portfolio of generating sites using thermal coal, natural gas, hydro-electric, solar energy, and wind power.


About the project 

In mid-2018, Energy Australia and Integrum began a project to provide Energy Australia with a WHS Management System, which was configured from the ground up.

Since going live in later 2018, Energy Australia has grown the modules initially configured to around 20 processes, including:

  • Risk Management – Register of key operational risks
  • Multiple COVID-19 related checks
  • Peer work from home checklists
  • A series of audits/observations including manager walkdowns, executive HSSE Tours, Environmental Walkdowns and Life Saving Rules checks.


Products Used 

  • integrum Management System Business Intelligence Reporting 
  • integrumNOW 


Key Features used

  • Incidents & Investigations
  • Hazard Management
  • Metering Inspections
  • Audits
  • Risk Management


Key Wins

  • We chose Integrum as we wanted a good simple and locally configurable tool. Features include:
  • Flexibility and configurability of SMARTForms and BI Reports
  •  Ability to configure a SF or BI report and deploy quickly
  • Ability to x-reference and use “sub-forms” to link processes together, including global corrective actions
  • Ability to build multiple portals to simply provide groups of people with the data and processes they need
  • Improved governance and oversight with reporting capabilities
  • Efficiencies and improvements by central repository of processes
  • Frequent update releases with additional enhancements
  • Positive experience when dealing with account managers/support team