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Constant Security Services

Overview of the organisation           

Constant Security are a wholly owned Australian organisation that has operated our various security-centric operations since 2003.

They secure your assets, minimise your risk, and deliver a broad scope of quality services, more than meeting your highest expectations. When you partner with Constant, your trust is rewarded with outstanding results.

About the project 

For over a decade, Constant has been developing and deploying technology to safeguard your assets and personnel.  Simply, we deliver a more effective, client-centric security program.

Constant 360, is an integrated risk, safety and security management system. Our system improves the availability of information and communication, increases productivity, improves safety and enhances processes.

Our technology enhances the services Constant provides and improves your ability to receive instant access to your facility’s critical information. You can access your account information 24/7.

The project began in 2019 between Constant and integrum. The immediate challenge was to define a system that would allow all stakeholders, such as clients, staff and contractors from different organisations to enter data into the one system, whilst having all data locked down to an individual company level.

By building the system in this way, Constant is able to provide the platform as an off-the-shelf solution for any organisation. The solution provides and all-in-one offering for managing the risks and compliance.

Constant and integrum had to engage in thoughtful collaboration, to ensure that the subject matter of the modules delivered were in line with the relevant standards, acts, regulations and legislations.

The system now boasts an impressive number of modules, which fits the needs of small, medium and larger organisations.

Products Used  

  • integrum Management System
  • Business Intelligence Reporting


Key Features used   

  • Document Management
  • Incident Management
  • Actions Management
  • Audits & Inspections
  • E-log book reports
  • Enterprise risk Management
  • Meeting Management


Key Wins

  • Ability to have an OU2 Lockdown system, which allows any number of organisations to simultaneously use the system with total data protection and privacy.
  • Digital and online Security Guard Log-Book entries, which tracks what guards report during their patrols.
  • Online document storage for all security compliance documentation
  • Business Intelligence Reporting which provides valuable insights on data reported in the system.