CAF Rail Australia Go Live with Governance, Risk, Safety, Quality, and Compliance Management System.

March 17, 2020

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integrum Management Systems are delighted to announce CAF Rail Australia has selected integrum Management Systems to manage governance, risk, safety, quality, and compliance, initially within a major NSW project.

Sean O’Brien, Risk Manager from CAF Rail Australia, said, “what was important was the ability to “own” the system, and not be dependent on the supplier or other clients of the supplier to initiate or enable changes that would directly meet our needs. The ability for someone in the business to say “we need a…” and then be able to match that need as quickly as the same day with the SMARTForm builder provides a very powerful value add by providing immediate results at no extra cost. It facilitates data capture easily, and with the business intelligence capability allows us to make decisions on accurate data.

The integrumNOW app is particularly important, as the project has multiple interfaces with other project delivery partners and other external stakeholders. During the delivery stage, our team members can be anywhere along the alignment or even in an office having a meeting. The team can raise an item that can then be allocated, actioned, tracked, measured, and reported effectively in real-time.

The data reporting capabilities means that our project and functional leadership can attend meetings where they do no suffer “death by Powerpoint.” The information from the Business Intelligence capabilities are there allowing “deep dives” straight into the “source of truth,” in the meeting room, on the screen.

The capabilities of the software are world-class, and so is the team. The implementation team is professional, friendly, and available, with a significant understanding of their product and their customer base, enabling us to go live quickly”.

Thank you, Sean, the team, and I look forward to working with you and CAF throughout this exciting project. 


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