The Benefits of An Integrated Operational Risk and Hazard Management System

Since coming onto the scene in 1996, integrum has been a leading light in the field of risk and compliance management software. As online systems replaced paper record keeping, our team was at the forefront of digital records, continually innovating …read more.

What to Look for in Your Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (And Where to Find the Ideal OHS System in Australia)

Perhaps you recently launched a new business and are looking for the best way to manage workplace health and safety. Alternatively, maybe your company has been using one occupational health and safety management system for years but is now looking …read more.

Launch Your Own QHSE or GRC System with a White Label Software Platform from integrum

At integrum, we are proud to offer one of the most powerful pieces of QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) and GRC (Governance, Rise Management, and Compliance) software on the market. Our software makes it easier than ever before to …read more.

Why Your OHS Software Should Include an Online Asset Management System

Occupational health and safety has a lot of different angles and subtleties. Depending on the nature of your business, the most significant risks to employee safety and wellness could be anything from chemicals to heavy machinery or sharp …read more.

Capture & Analyse Important Internal System Data Online With integrum Audit Management Software Solutions

Behind every successful business, be it a large multinational corporation or a small to medium-sized enterprise, is a series of plans and procedures that assure operations always follow the proper protocol. This can include everything from …read more.

Find Online Solutions with Complete ISO Compliance Management System Software

In today’s dynamic and interconnected world, it is vital that organisations and businesses of all kinds work toward maintaining a culture of integrity. That is one of the many reasons that compliance management solutions are so critical no matter …read more.

ISO Digital Document Management Solutions: The Online Document Control System You Need

There are many document control management systems on the market today, and for those less than tech savvy, it can be hard to tell what you’re getting. The trend of modular development has made this even more difficult …read more.

Improve Compliance and Manage Risk with Better EHS Management Systems Powered by Software from integrum

In one way or another, almost every business operation has at least some impact the environment. In some industrial sectors, such as mining or manufacturing, these are direct impacts under the control of the business itself. In others, the effect is …read more.

integrum System Combines Enterprise Risk Management Software with Business Intelligence in Australia

An effective enterprise risk management system is one of the fundamental requirements of doing business today. With new sources of risk coming to the forefront every day, it’s essential to stay up to date on the requirements of a …read more.

The Software That’s Changing Work Health and Safety (WHS) Management Systems

When it comes to responsible corporate management, there’s a lot to take into consideration. From regulatory compliance to maintaining a healthy work environment, the needs of the modern corporate work health and safety (WHS) management program …read more.

Finding the Right Online Incident Management System for Your Business

Ideally, your system for OHS and risk management would deliver a 100% success rate. You’d identify every risk in your business and eradicate it wholesale. You’d have a completely healthy, happy workforce. You’d have a record that included zero …read more.

Achieve ISO Certification or Improve a Management System in Australia With Integrated Business Management Software

In a modern business world that moves at a breakneck pace, the technology that powers a company’s daily operations should be a core part of its long-term strategy. With so many systems at so many levels producing a wide variety of data, managers …read more.

A System Apart: What Integrated Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management Software Can Do for You

When thinking about corporate governance and your responsibilities for occupational health and safety, it can be easy to look at these issues as a box you need to check. Especially for businesses on the smaller side, getting too into the weeds …read more.

Improve Your Organisation’s OHS System with Software for Online Risk Management and Health and Safety Management

Every business must provide a safe workplace for its employees. That statement might seem obvious, but it’s easier to say than it is to achieve. Workplace health, safety and risk management isn’t easy, just because there are so many factors to consider …read more.

Redefining Your QHSE Management System with Integrated Compliance Software

Operating a business, especially a large corporation, requires successfully navigating many complex layers of responsibility. At the core of the company could be a very simple business model — producing a specific product, or supplying …read more.

Track Quality Management and Improve Assurance Systems With integrum Software

Every business, no matter the industry or sector in which it operates, strives to provide a quality product or service. Taking pride in one’s work is important, and your customers can come to depend on the consistency of the quality of your …read more.

Risk Management Information System Software in Australia for All Reporting and Assessment Needs

There has been an increased interest in comprehensive risk management software for business lately, particularly following the significant financial crisis of 2008, and in the light of some big-name corporations falling prey to data breaches and …read more.

Searching for Safety Management System Software for Your Growing Business? Partner with the Experience of integrum

Safety in the workplace isn’t merely a matter of complying with internal guidelines or rules set by the government. It is also an important factor in fostering employee satisfaction, keeping production numbers up, and much more. Proper governance and …read more.

Build Your Small Business Safety Management System with Risk Management and QMS Software

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Supplier Management Systems Get a Software Upgrade

As supplier management has become an almost entirely digital game, countless supplier management software systems have come onto the market. Unfortunately, much of the offered software does little to cut through the confusion and complexity …read more.

Improve Overall Management of Your Work Health and Safety System in Australia with Better Software Designed for Today

Perhaps one of the essential components of any business operation is its work health and safety management system. Far from being simply tied to basic workplace safety features (already a must, especially in high-risk environments involving heavy …read more.

Manage Risk and Compliance with a More Comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety Management System

Every business needs a safety and health management system, only because every business faces risks on a day-to-day basis. For some companies, the risk has to do with heavy machinery on industrial worksites …read more.

Asset Management Software

Use Asset Management Software in Your Business to Reduce Risk of Loss

Whether your business is a blue-chip or one that’s just getting started, asset management software can help you. Our asset management system combines risk assessment, business optimisation, and governmental …read more.

Quality Management Software

Use integrum’s Quality Management Software to Improve Your Processes

Join the thousands of businesses that have benefited from integrum’s quality management software systems. Regardless of the kind of work you do, we can help you improve how efficiently you complete your tasks …read more.