Intelligent. Intuitive. Integrated.

Integrum is the leading provider of management systems software for Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Risk and Compliance including:

  • Incident and action workflow system
  • Controlled document management
  • Audit and inspection checklist management
  • Training and eLearning management (employees and contractors)
  • Risk management
  • HR management (medical records, injury management/return to work, performance management, time-sheets)
  • Asset management
  • Contractor and supplier management
  • Meeting management
Affordable. SMEs to Global Enterprises.
Reduce Risks. Ensure Compliance.

All functionality in one application. Not in modules.

Key features include:
  • Rich functionality
  • Comprehensive business intelligence system
  • Highly configurable
  • Mobility – can be used in areas of poor connectivity
  • Integration – dovetails with existing business software and data sources
  • Simplicity – graphic rich interfaces and dashboard provide an intuitive user experience

Which product is right for me?

Features Build Your Own
Incident & Action System
Controlled Document Management
Audit, Inspection & Observation Management
Training & eLearning Management
Risk Management
HR Management
Asset Management
Contractor Management
Meeting Management
Compliance Management
Global Summary Reporting (GSR Workflow)
All including BI, Mobility & Configurable Portals