Since 1996, Integrum has been providing world class integrated management systems solutions for over 500,000 users, in over 120 countries, across all industry sectors . Our system contains all the functions of a fully integrated management platform in one application. Traditionally used for QHSE, Risk and Compliance, Integrum software is now the comprehensive business optimisation solution providing organisations of all sizes with streamlined business processes, accelerated growth and increased profitability.
Business Optimisation
  • Closed Loop Action System
  • Actions & Tasks Workflow
  • HR Functions
  • Controlled Document Management
  • Asset Management
  • Suppliers & Contractors
  • Training Management/eLearning
QHSE Risk and Compliance
  • Incident & Investigation Management
  • Audit & Inspection Management
  • Training Management/eLearning
  • Controlled Document Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Risk & Control Management
BI Reporting
  • World Class BI system
  • ‘Drag & Drop’ Reports & Dashboards
  • Predictive Analytics
  • GIS & Spatial Reporting
  • Unlimited Report Writers
  • Unlimited Report Consumers
  • Include data from 3P sources
  • Fully off-line on all Windows devices
  • iOS and Android Companion Apps
  • Apps for Incident, Inspection, Audit, Defect Management
  • Business Intelligence Apps

Meet The Team

  • Beven Schwaiger
    CEO, Founder
  • Linda Nagle
    Director of Finance
  • Carl Sanders
    Manager, European Operations
  • Shijun Tian
    GM, Software Development
  • Howard Mechan
    Manager, Customer and Product Support
  • Beven is a risk & compliance specialist, with over 27 years’ experience as a lawyer and management consultant specialising in due diligence and compliance systems for QHSE management systems. Beven has assisted global organisations in implementing integrated risk and compliance management systems in accordance with international standards, working in Australia, North America, Europe Middle East and Asia Pacific. As founder of the Integrum group Beven has been at the forefront of software technology development in the area of integrated management systems for the last 18 years.

  • Linda, is an experienced finance director having worked for and owned several businesses over the last 20 years. Linda has extensive experience in all aspects of business administration, finance and accounting across a range of industry sectors and is on the board of IMS.

  • Carl is a qualified analyst, and HSE Professional with over 11 years of IT project management and business analyst experience. Carl has worked on complex Integrum implementation projects in construction, energy, waste, transport, manufacturing and aviation industries. Carl is a recognised hands-on project manager in all facets of Integrum software implementation. Carl heads up integrum’s European operations.
  • Shijun is a qualified software developer with over 22 years’ experience. Shijun has been part of the Integrum development team for over 14 years and has extensive experience in designing QHSE Risk &Compliance management systems, workflow, customisable, soft-coded form template systems for both rich client and web based applications.

  • Howard has been in the IT business for 40 years and has covered all aspects of computing as his career has progressed in Scotland and now in Australia. Howard started as an operator on mainframe computers and has worked on many servers, mainframes, minicomputers, and PC based systems as he has progressed to his current position. This has involved working with many different hardware and software platforms in a myriad of different applications from manufacturing, transport, utility and service industries.